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TOP TIPS #1 Selling & Closing

We are acutely aware that the words 'selling' and 'closing' are anathema to many law firms but a review of our extensive research does show some rather interesting methods, here are some examples.

'I'm sure you'd like to shop around'

'Let me know how you get on with other quotes'

'Do let me know if you AREN'T going ahead'

'We tell the truth, you won't get that from everyone'

'I assume you are shopping around'

'Don't you know we have an online quote tool?'

The last one left us speechless.......What do you think?

These are actually verbatim quotes. We recommend training front-line staff to pick a 'close' that they are comfortable with and write it on a post-it note on their monitor.

Try 'Would you like me to open a file for you?' a gentle unobtrusive request for the business.


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