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Business Development

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Our research shows us that many firms fail to handle incoming conveyancing enquiries well and that firms are invariably poor at asking for the business during the first phone call and many fail to follow up at all.

Our Premium Report will not only highlight how your staff are engaging with new business, but it will also serve to benchmark your position both in terms of customer experience and financial standing amongst your competitors. In addition, it will show how your business is regarded in the eyes of your introducer marketplace and highlight the opportunities that may be available to pursue.

Our reports provide you with the basis for training and business development activities that we can help to deliver.

Business development does not have to mean increased volumes of work, it can be the pursuit of:

  • increased profit margins

  • better call handling

  • improved brand awareness

  • the ability to move away from 'low profit high volume' work

  • elevated staff welfare

  • more control of your own destiny

Helping you to improving interactions with clients and introducers is the cornerstone of our business. Your conveyancing department walks a tightrope and struggles to remain profitable as the legal landscape continues to evolve. You need to demonstrate your commitment to best practice as engaging with new clients can often be both the lifeblood and bane of your business.

Prospective clients are looking for a simple transparent estimate of costs showing all necessary disbursements. It should be delivered in a timely manner in a format they can understand. Satisfying this relatively simple criteria dramatically increases the chance of winning new business.

In summary our Reports will help you to:

  • Identify your training needs

  • Qualify and deliver new introducers 

  • Understand how much financial headroom you have to increase your fees in comfort

  • Understand the size of opportunities that exists for your business

First Contact
New Business engagement services that we deliver

Your website should work as hard as you do!


What do Millennial’s see when they visit your website?

If, like us, you are in your 40’s 50’s or 60’s you routinely make telephone calls. The younger generation don't want to phone anyone. They want instant answers, instant gratification and will be frustrated by an analogue service in a digital age.

Working With Headphones

Here are some statistics* 


65% of conveyancing businesses do not have a Quick Quote button on their website

35% of firms fail to answer incoming phone calls within 5 rings 

46% of firms that promise a quote over the phone fail to deliver one within 24 hours

63% of firms deliver quotes that are poorly presented and difficult to interpret

41% of firms fail to provide an easy way to take up a quote

*Source Conveyancer Insights National report 2023 

If you are not open for business 24 hours a day 7 days a week you ARE losing business! 


What are we doing and why?

Instruct a Conveyancer in conjunction with Conveyancer Insights are now offering Law Firms FREE quote calculators for their websites


"We don’t like online quote calculators and prefer to speak to everyone that needs one."

This is a common reaction. Truthfully, clients find it quite difficult to get quotes from law firms over the telephone and often go for the first one they manage to get. 


Does your firm need it?

Everyone is busy and wants to get a quote easily. This is why so many people will instruct the firm that their estate agent recommended - which probably isn’t you!

How many opportunities are you missing by not engaging with every visitor?  Do you monitor visits to your website that occur out of hours?  You'll be surprised just how much happens after hours.

Why would your firm do this?

Web quote systems capture incremental business, out of hours, weekends, from shift workers and those that cannot make personal calls during the working day.

This service is cheaper than a high street referral and does not require any staff resourcing from the law firm.


Can firms vary the prices quoted on the calculator?

Yes, we can alter your fees in response to Conversion statistics and can amend them very easily in either direction.

What will firms be saving by using your FREE calculator?

Many firms are being charged between £300 - £600 per month for a quote calculator whether or not they are winning new business from it – and no other supplier proactively converts the cases for you!

What have I got to lose?

Nothing!  We follow up every quote and convert them for a fixed fee.   All your leads are ring fenced to your business. We host the calculator for you within a page containing your branding with back links to your website.


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