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Our Training Services

The concept of ‘selling’ and ‘closing’ are anathema to many law firms, as business levels cool off it is important to realise that you ARE selling a service and that clients can be easily persuaded to look elsewhere.


We provide courses that are designed to address common issues and deliver solutions that really work in a modern busy work environment.


We will carry out a ‘Mystery Shop Me!’ report prior to the training and discuss your performance and how it can be improved.

Person delivering a presentation to a clapping audience

Selling Your Conveyancing Service 

This in-house training course & workshop provides practical, thought-provoking content to embolden your teams to provide a measurably better service to your clients.  Presented by Mike Stainsby, our long-established business development specialist working in the conveyancing sector.  


Why bother training your staff?


​Our extensive research shows that many firms struggle to manage quotes and onboard new business. More worrying many are blissfully unaware of the way in which prospective clients are being managed and the service that they are receiving. Training staff to recognise excellent service and recognise subsequent buying signals pays dividends to staff morale, retention and of course your bottom line. Moreover, building relationships with clients that last a lifetime will also encourage an increase in referrals likely to reduce your marketing spend.


What the course covers:

  • Staff attitude & awareness

  • Who is the most important member of staff?

  • Quoting a blessing or curse?

  • Examine market statistics

  • Dispel Industry Myths

  • Explore your firms USP’s 


Mystery Shopping and Market research on your practice, your competitors and your local conveyancing market. A Mystery Shop Me! is included in the price and will be provided in advance of any training, giving you:

  • A report and evaluation of how calls are currently handled at your firm

  • Conveyancing Opportunity analysis based on volume of transactions and market shares

  • ConveyancingMap transaction data

Price : £894 +vat up to 10 Delegates

            £1,350 +vat up to 11-15 Delegates

Terms:  50% payable on placing order - 50% on completion of training.

Mike Stainsby
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Conveyancer Firm, East Sussex

...we have restructured the way we engage with new business and have a dedicated resource to manage our new enquiries. We feel fitter as a business and are far more confident winning new clients than we were before. 

Conveyancer Firm, West Midlands 

We have stopped apologising for our fees as we now know just how competitive we have been. We have increased our fees and still know that we are not the most expensive firm. The 5% of clients that are comparing us on fees can go elsewhere thanks. Your insights have been invaluable.

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