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Daniel Hamilton-Charlton Headshot

Daniel Hamilton-Charlton

CEO & Founder

Conveyancer Insights, the data that drives growth and profitability.

We are Conveyancer insights – part of Property Searches Direct. We work closely with conveyancers to help them focus on business development activities.

Business development does not always mean more business.


We believe that it is the efforts you make to ensure that work sources are more profitable, staff become more effective and opportunities are developed to help replace less profitable work.

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Mike Stainsby Headshot

Mike Stainsby

Commercial Director

Who are we?

Dan has been involved in property since the early 1990’s and has always been passionate about helping people to have a better experience of moving home. In 2008 he spent 6 years as a property consultant and business development manager for a national asset management business and panel manager where he worked closely with the legal community. 


He was asked to create a Private Client fulfilment network for a well-known high street bank and in doing so, better understood the frustrations of the conveyancing teams within those firms.  His interest and passion turned toward empowering and supporting conveyancers.


Dan helped with the development and delivery of business engagement technologies and provided business development and consultancy services to conveyancers across England and Wales to help firms control their own destinies.


He has a proven track record of helping firms increase their profit margins, attract new and profitable sources of work, helping teams to better engage with and convert new business opportunities as well as offering first hand support. Dan hosts the popular weekly Property Market Insights Podcast to keep the property sectors up to date with the latest stats and news.


Mike has spent almost 25 years in the property sector starting as an estate agent in the mid 1980’s even before mobile phones existed! He helped launched HIP’s to a less than enthusiastic audience and commenced training as a DEA before moving into a National role with an Estate agency affinity group. 


Mike then took on business development roles with National search groups focusing entirely on improving relationships with Law firms and the alliances Law Firms have with their introducers.


The foundation for all business development activities has been data and benchmarking. With their combined experiences, Mike and Dan have collaborated to deliver Conveyancer Insights to provide the information that a conveyancing practice needs to know, and the subsequent changes required to develop and grow. 


The team at Conveyancer Insights pose as buyers to glean information from estate agents about their conveyancing relationships as well as mystery shopping conveyancers via telephone and, where available, web chat or form, to see how they engage with new prospects. They experience first-hand how they were made to feel, whether they were listened to, if they were made to feel valued and whether they received any written breakdown of costs. Everything is scored within strict parameters to ensure consistency between all firms.


Most importantly, did anyone ask for the business?

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