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Empower your teams and your network, with LegallyQuoting

We are bringing new business engagement in to the 21st century to enable conveyancers to be more accessible, more transparent and more engaging than ever before. Our smart LegallyQuoting platform enables the swift delivery of accurate conveyancing quotes within minutes.

Enable your staff to deliver high quality, accurate conveyancing quotes in minutes with an easy to use, smart quote management system.

Deliver, follow up and convert without missing an opportunity.Decline to quote based upon building height, value, lender or country of deposit source.

Stop receiving leads from your introducers and start receiving instructions.


Empower your introducers to quote and convert clients for you. Let them earn their referral fees and deliver them powerful solutions to engage their clients with your conveyancing services.

Save time by bringing your website and your introducers websites to life and enable visitors to engage with your conveyancing services 24 hrs a day.

Let all website visitors get quotes, agree to proceed and provide you with transaction details without you having to get involved, unless you want to. The LegallyQuoting platform is so flexible that we can ensure that it works just how you would wish it to.

Book your demo to see the system, discuss the business development support available to help your business to grow and how LegallyQuoting can save your business time whilst making more money.


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