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LegallyQuoting enables your firm to quickly and accurately quote for the services you provide. Our powerful engine allows you to define your services, ask the right questions and to produce clear, correctly priced quotations. Furthermore, clients can instruct you online, completing an instruction form which is fully defined by you. The icing on the cake is the ability to merge and issue your client care pack directly to your clients for each product you offer.

For Conveyancing teams we have some advanced features like, Lender Panel Management, Deposit Country Control, Environmental API for additional reporting needs, Smart Leasehold Questions and Transaction Values to enhance your firm's Risk Management Profile and automatically decline to quote matters that you would not or cannot take on.

How It Works


Define your Services

Tell LegallyQuoting about the services you offer, providing the list of questions you need answered to produce detailed, accurate quotations.


Add the plugin to your website

The LegallyQuoting plugin will enable members of the public to complete your questions and instantly obtain a detailed, accurate quotation. Declining to quote on anything that you don't want to take on.


Wait for your instructions

You clients will be able to instruct you directly from their quotations. The instruction form will collect all the data you need to quickly onboard your case. Optionally, have LegallyQuoting can instantly send out your mail-merged client care pack to your client upon instruction.

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