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TOP TIPS #7 The skills and training gap

Here is an interesting question. Would you rather be quoted by someone who was really pleasant but might struggle with a complicated question or barked at by someone who could easily answer your questions……. if they wanted to?

This is the conundrum that many firms face, it is a skills and training gap where fee earners that are desperately trying to get on with their job but keep getting interrupted to run quotes and speak to ‘clueless’ members of the public. If you think they cannot tell you are busy and don’t want to speak with them, you are misguided.

The best service we have received whilst conducting our extensive research was from a member of staff from a litigation department that was standing in for an unwell member of the conveyancing first contact team.

I am sure that if she was presented with a difficult question she would have handled it with panache and we wouldn't have noticed.

Train someone who actually enjoys giving quotes and let them fly!


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