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TOP TIPS #3 First impressions, who is the most important member of your staff?

It is easy to assume that it's your Managing Partner but truly, unless they suddenly do a ‘Gerald Ratner’ it probably isn’t. Day-to-day ebbs and flows of new business, calling you and walking through your doors, are controlled entirely by your DFI - your Directors of First Impressions. These are the front-line staff that meets and greets your clients both face to face and over the phone which can make or break your business.

Our extensive research reveals that these individuals can be well-versed in preventing salesmen from gaining access to your senior staff but are less adept (sometimes) at creating a welcoming environment. It is worth remembering that a large proportion of your clients are under a lot of stress and may be with you for one of the three D’s of death, divorce, or debt.

What environment are you creating, and do you credit those that do it really well highly enough?


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