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TOP TIPS #10 Smarter NOT harder. Be careful what you wish for.

Most conveyancers have been snowed under with cases in the last 18 months and have been wishing the tidal wave of new files would slow down a bit. Now it has slowed down, pipelines are quickly starting to dwindle.

Now might be the time to get some research done and ask - What is your financial headroom in your Town, could you be charging more for your services? Could you be dealing with your new enquiries better?

If you are winning fewer cases, you need to charge more or risk having to lose staff.

Please DON'T reduce your prices because you think price is the ‘tap’ which increases the number of cases you are winning, it really isn’t. The mechanism is customer service NOT price. Our extensive research shows that most firms could improve new client handling and onboarding procedures.

We mystery shop firms and provide attitudinal awareness training to improve the manner in which your staff engage with prospects, improvements can be instant and measurable.


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