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Robin Wells

Head of Sales and Operations

Transact with speed and certainty with our search data and insurance pack for conveyancers and cash-only clients.

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5 minutes on...
the Cash Buyer's Market

Will the UK cash buyers market continue to increase?

How can conveyancers help prospective cash purchasers reduce risk?

Robin Wells, Head of Sales for OneSearch details how current trends are impacting the market, the importance of search data across all transactions, and what options are available to assist cash buyers diligence without sacrificing speed.

"'s become quote a polarised market; the real dampening effect has come from an increase in the cost of debt, so the market has become much harder for mortgage buyers, and so we've seen a drop off, particularly in the number of home movers.  First-time buyers have been a little bit more resilient, and there's been a drop off in mortgage buy-to-let activity.

But where we have seen more activity has been from Cash Buyers; they've increased their share, comprising about 46% of all transactions in April and that's up from around 34% in late 2022.  So whilst that the activity dropped in other parts of the market, we've seen cash buyers remain pretty resilient.

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Director, Residential Research, Savills

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