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Matt Pennington

Matt Pennington


The safer way for you and your clients to make payments

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Still sending your bank details out to clients by post or email in a client care letter?
Are your clients having to add your bank details to payment requests and worrying about making mistakes?

Is your firm receiving funds from accounts that you don't recognise, with references that you have to decipher?

Are deposits you receive coming from the accounts that you have done source of funds checks on? 

Conveyancer Insights believes that there is a better way to request and receive funds from your clients.

Payment scams and mistakes can occur when bank details are shared by email or other means. Because of the large amounts of money and time pressures involved in conveyancing transactions, Friday Afternoon Fraud is now the biggest cybercrime afflicting the legal sector.

Email Modification Fraud is highlighted by the SRA as a key threat to client money. There have also been reports of criminals intercepting and falsifying physical mail between a firm and client to request funds, as well as phone calls from fraudsters pretending to be the clients solicitor.  We believe that we may have come across a fantastic solution to help stamp out fraudulent activities.

Watch the video below to discover how Safe Capital systems can save time, reduce risk and improve customer experience.

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